2017 Hair Color Trends

Now that we’re well into 2017, the year’s hottest hair color trends are very clear with a few unexpected surprises, which is always nice! Below are some of the most popular hair colors that celebs and non-celebs alike will be sporting throughout 2017.


Subtle Two-Tone

Two-tone hair was trending last year and it’s here once again. But now, instead of two strikingly different tones, the subtle two-tone is very much in wherein darker roots give way to ends that are just a tad bit lighter. If it’s done right, this hair color makes it very difficult to tell where the darker color ends and the lighter color begins.


Blorange Hair Color


Without question, blorange is the hair color to watch this year. Blorange is the perfect mix of rose gold, peach and pink shades that results in a color that’s equal parts mesmerizing and super-stunning. There are many variations of blorange that range from soft, pastel-like tones to fiery sierra shades.



Blonde Grey Hair Color

Blonde Gray

Blonde gray is the new gray that’s making waves in the hair color industry and for good reason. This blonde and gray hybrid hair color is head-turning gorgeous and all kinds of amazing! Just as the name implies, blonde gray hair is a combination of soft gray and blonde hair that’s perfectly blended for an incredible look and feel.
aubrown hair color



One of the hottest hair color trends for 2017 is aubrown, a mix between brown and auburn hair. Just think of it as a deep and rich take on bronze that’s been delicately touched with auburn for a drop-dead gorgeous look.



Rose GoldRose Gold Hair Color

If there’s one hair color that’s taking over social media these days it’s rose gold. This is a pretty shade of pink-tinted blonde hair that celebs like Kylie Jenner & Emma Roberts helped make popular. This radiant and gorgeous hair color can light up your entire look, and even on those days you’ve decided to go makeup-free!


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