Highlighting NFBID Black-Owned Businesses: Hair & Co Bklyn

Highlighting NFBID Black-Owned Businesses: Hair & Co Bklyn

We are thrilled to be highlighting some of our incredible North Flatbush Avenue Black-owned businesses, in honor of Black history month! Read about Hair & Co Bklyn, and owner Shannon King’s journey as an entrepreneur! read more

Black History Month at Hair & Co BKLYN

Hair & Co BKLYN is unbelievably proud to celebrate black history, but particularly during the month of February for Black History Month. As a thriving black owned business in Brooklyn with two salon locations, we embrace diversity in every aspect of life and especially in hair. It is our goal to help each and every client look and feel amazing in their own skin and natural hair. We pride ourselves on offering a number of natural hair services in Brooklyn to welcome different textures of hair and make our clients fall in love with their hair just the way it is! read more

Blow Out Brooklyn with Our Holiday Specials

The holidays are here and Hair & Co BKLYN has some great deals and specials you’ll want to take advantage of. Why not celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah with a brand new hairstyle that sets you up for success in 2021? But that’s not all, we are also offering some great deals on gift cards and holiday goodies. Check out all of our holiday specials below. read more

COVID Safety

A global pandemic was not something that the world was prepared to deal with—this included many businesses. Luckily, Hair & Co BKLYN has taken initiative in order to look out for the safety of our Clinton Hill Team and our Prospect Heights Team, as well as the safety of you, our patrons! read more

Oribe: Luxurious Hair Care Revolution

At Hair & Co BKLYN, we don’t just want your hair to look good, we also want it to be healthy, and restored to its natural prime. We partnered with Oribe to bring you a range of award-winning products, boosted with nourishing and restoring vitamins, oils and minerals, that will allow you to create stunning new styles, repair past damage, and protect you from the elements that affect your hair daily like heat, sun, and even air pollution. read more

Hair Renewal Remedies

As the summer comes to an end, you may notice that your hair is dried out from the summer sun and needs a little life brought back into it. The good news is Hair & Co BKLYN offers the best hair renewal remedies in Brooklyn. Our hair salons in Clinton Hill and Prospect Heights have a hair treatment for all types, textures, and colors of hair. This fall, we will refresh your look and add vibrance back into your hair with our Oribe hair renewal products. read more

Gray Hair Revolution

Gray Hair RevolutionAt Hair & Co BKLYN, our mission is to usher in a revolution in haircutting. That’s why our stylists are trained not only in the general practice of cutting hair, but also in how to work with a wide spectrum of different hair types. But there’s another revolution going on in hair right now, and it’s on a different subject entirely: the color gray. Gray hair, whether natural or dyed, is more in style than it ever has been, and we’re here to help you embrace it! read more

What We’re Doing To Stay Safe

At Hair & Co BKLYN, we understand the severity of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and we are deeply concerned about the health and wellbeing of our clients and the community. Our hearts go out to anyone suffering during this time for one reason or another. As your local Clinton Hill and Prospect Heights salon, it is our job and responsibility to protect clients and staff by continuing to work safely and diligently as always. read more

Who We Are

At Hair & Co BKLYN, we believe diversity is beautiful and should always be celebrated. It is our goal to offer all our clients gorgeous hairstyles that embrace their natural beauty, texture, and body. We want clients to love their hair and their look. To do so, we have built a diverse team of talented hair colorists and stylists who come from different backgrounds, educations, and paths in life, and are experts in all hair textures and lengths. Together, we harness our talents and expertise to collaborate and create amazing looks and hairstyles for our clientele. read more

What It Means to Be a GoldWell Colorist

What It Means to Be a GoldWell ColoristFor far too many salons, hair is just that – hair. But at Hair & Co BKLYN, we understand that your haircut is so much more. Hair is a statement of your personal style and personality, which is why it’s so important to find a hairstylist that helps you find your look. Things get even more tricky when it comes to a hair color treatment: a bad haircut is one thing, but a bad coloring job can do serious damage and ruin your hairstyle for weeks. Thankfully, the stylists at our Brooklyn salon are experts in color for a wide range of hair types, and it’s also why we’re proud to be a salon of GoldWell colorists. read more