Oribe: Luxurious Hair Care Revolution

Oribe: Luxurious Hair Care Revolution

At Hair & Co BKLYN, we don’t just want your hair to look good, we also want it to be healthy, and restored to its natural prime. We partnered with Oribe to bring you a range of award-winning products, boosted with nourishing and restoring vitamins, oils and minerals, that will allow you to create stunning new styles, repair past damage, and protect you from the elements that affect your hair daily like heat, sun, and even air pollution. read more

Hair Renewal Remedies

As the summer comes to an end, you may notice that your hair is dried out from the summer sun and needs a little life brought back into it. The good news is Hair & Co BKLYN offers the best hair renewal remedies in Brooklyn. Our hair salons in Clinton Hill and Prospect Heights have a hair treatment for all types, textures, and colors of hair. This fall, we will refresh your look and add vibrance back into your hair with our Oribe hair renewal products. read more

The Art of Hand Tied Hair Extensions

The Art of Hand Tied Hair ExtensionsWe all know that one person who has perfect hair. Long, thick, full of body and volume—they never seem to have a bad hair day. If you’ve ever wished you could have lustrous locks of your own, hand-tied hair extensions can provide you with this look. Even those with thin, fine hair can achieve the gorgeous locks they desire with extensions. Keep reading to find out more. read more

Hydrating Haircut & Styling Promotion

Your Clinton Hill & Prospect Heights Hair Salon

With the weather changing, now is perfect time to let your hair down and go with the flow. Unfortunately, the summer weather can also wreak havoc on those luscious locks! Hair & Co BKLYN has the hydrating treatment to keep your hair beautiful and smooth, and protect it from the drying effects of the summer. Right now, our Clinton Hill and Prospect Heights salons are both offering a hydrating haircut and styling promo to keep your hair looking gorgeous and fantastic all summer long. Stop by one of our locations to add a bit of moisture to your hair today! read more

Hairstyles You Don’t Want to Miss in 2018

Stuck in a hairstyle rut and feel completely uninspired? We get it. The incredibly talented stylists at Hair & Co BKLYN are here to share some of the hottest 2018 hairstyles with you! When you find a style you like, you can end that ‘find a salon near me in Brooklyn’ search because we’re experts in hair design and style. With two salons in Clinton Hill and Prospect Heights to serve you, we make it easy and convenient to change up your look! read more

20% Off Weave Installation & Extensions Promo

Long Hair, Don’t Care!

At Hair & Co BKLYN, we specialize in unique hair color, cuts, and designs for every hair type. We know that each client’s hair is unique. That’s why we cater our hair services to you and you alone. At both of our Brooklyn salons in Prospect Heights & Clinton Hill, our talented stylists have loads of experience in working with all hair types and textures. Hair & Co BKLYN Weave Installation & Hair Extension Promotion Prospect Heights Brooklyn Salon read more

Meet Janice: Hair & Co BKLYN’s Natural Hair Expert

At Hair & Co BKLYN, we’re not your typical Brooklyn salon. We cater all of our hair services to you because we know that your hair and personality are unique. Our dynamic team of stylists at our two salons in Prospect Heights and Clinton Hill love to work with all textures of hair. read more

This Year’s Wedding Hairstyles

Ready to get hitched but struggling to find the perfect hairstyle for your wedding? Whether your hair is short, long, or somewhere in between, the stylists at Hair & Co BKLYN can help! We know that your big day calls for a big hair moment! For a little inspiration, have a look at some of the best 2018 wedding hairstyles.Brooklyn Wedding Day Hair Salon read more

3 Simple Styles To Make Your Holiday Hair A Breeze

Between work, holiday parties, decorating, gift shopping and travel plans, stressing out about how we are going to style our hair during the busy holiday season is the last thing we need to add to our ever growing to do list. read more

Summertime Braids – The Blow Out Alternative

When the humidity and temperatures soar during the summer season, wearing braids is the way to go! Instead of traditional blowouts, braided hair is cooler and more manageable. At our hair salon in Clinton Hill and Prospect Heights, our talented stylists are busy providing our clients with great summer hair! Here are a few of the most popular braided hairstyles being requested this year. read more