Gray Hair Revolution

Gray Hair RevolutionAt Hair & Co BKLYN, our mission is to usher in a revolution in haircutting. That’s why our stylists are trained not only in the general practice of cutting hair, but also in how to work with a wide spectrum of different hair types. But there’s another revolution going on in hair right now, and it’s on a different subject entirely: the color gray. Gray hair, whether natural or dyed, is more in style than it ever has been, and we’re here to help you embrace it!

Embrace the Beauty of Gray

For far too long, traditional beauty standards have mandated that gray hair is a bad thing – even though it’s something that nearly everyone experiences over time. But thankfully, that’s starting to change. There’s a gray hair revolution going on in the hair world right now, and whether it’s a natural change or a new dyed look, there’s never been a better time to embrace gray hair!

For one, natural gray hair is making a comeback. There’s no longer the same pressure to keep hair artificially colored as we age, and everyone from celebs to everyday people are learning to love the look of graying hair. Celebrities like Jessica Biel, Katie Holmes, and Chrissy Teigen have unapologetically rocked natural silver streaks in their hair, and there are now Instagram accounts dedicated to celebrating women with gray hair.

And if that’s not evidence enough, there are many people choosing gray as an artificial hair color! Bleached silver-gray hair is a hugely popular look right now, with people of all genders choosing to rock this winter wonderland tone. It’s a sign of the changing times, and how beauty standards are expanding to include and celebrate colors, shades, and tones that have been traditionally taboo.

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Embracing your gray hair, whether natural or artificial, can be a powerful experience, and the expert stylists at Hair & Co BKLYN are here to help. Whether you want a new haircut to perfectly show off your gorgeous natural grays or you want to transform your hair with professional gray hair service, we’ll make it happen: just book an appointment using our easy online form. We can’t wait to hear from you, and we’re excited to help you embrace the gray hair revolution!