Holiday Hairstyles In A Pinch

Holiday Hair Ideas From Your Clinton Hill Salon!

While we’re sure you’re excited for the holiday season and all the festivities it brings, there’s probably one thing you don’t necessarily love about the coming season: all the stress. It’s no secret that the holiday season is a crazy time – this year, help maintain your sanity and eliminate some major stressors by planning your holiday hair ahead of time!

Don’t panic: Hair & Co. BKLYN is here to help. For years, our expert hair stylists have been serving up fabulous looks in our Clinton Hill and Prospect Heights hair salons. To ease your mind this holiday season, we’ve compiled some holiday hairstyles that are just as gorgeous as they are easy to create. Check them out below and mark something off your long to-do list!

Holiday Hairdos For Long Hair: Side Sweep

If you’ve got stunning long locks or hair extensions, this is the style for you! An elegant and timeless holiday look, this sexy and feminine hairstyle highlights the beauty of your hair without being too dramatic or loud, perfectly complementing your outfit and face.

  • Create the curls or waves of your choice by using hot rollers or a curling iron of the corresponding size
  • Decide which side you will pin
  • Part your hair, starting from the center of your eyebrow on the desired side
  • Use your desired pin or clip to sweep the other side and secure it in place
  • Finish with hairspray to hold

A Party-Perfect Look For Medium Length Hair: Half Up With A Bow

For those with medium hair lengths, this festive look is topped with a bow for a classy, feminine and romantic style.

  • Starting at the tops of your ears, separate hair into two sections
  • Working with the top section, brush or comb into a small ponytail
  • Fluff and flare to add volume to the top
  • Add the bow of your choice by either tying in the back or clipping to the top of your ponytail

Winning Hair That’s Short & Sexy: Natural Faux Hawk Twist

This stunning party look is so simple to create. The tiny twisted buns create a dramatic, classy style that works for natural hair of most lengths – no extensions needed!

  • Separate your natural hair into four sections from your crown to the base of your neck
  • Working with the bottom section, use gel and brush up the back and sides to secure into a ponytail, creating a bun by not pulling hair all the way through on the last tie
  • Flare the ends out around the bun to loosen and give it more volume
  • Repeat the above two steps with the next section of hair
  • For the third section of hair, don’t secure into a bun, but leave as a ponytail, and split into two tails
  • Finger roll each tail toward the center of your head to create a bow shape
  • Separate the last section of hair on the top of your head into three smaller sections
  • Twist each small section separately toward your crown and secure in place


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