James Camacho, Master Barber Joins Team!

James Camacho is a Master Licensed Brooklyn Barber with 15 years of experience. He is a Brooklyn native with a reputation for excellence and precision. He is always up to date with the newest hairstyles and trends. In his chair, you will feel at ease with his professionalism, technique, and charm. His services include traditional barbering with a modern twist. He has expertise in hairstyling and straight razor shaves. He has a flair for styling client’s hair eccentricities with ease, delivering elaborate hair designs, and mimicking popular hairstyles upon request. Customers leave his chair feeling invigorated and educated on how to replicate their style at home, on their own. He has a deep passion for his craft. If you have yet to have the pleasure of spending time in his chair, you are in for the royal treatment. Men’s grooming has a new face, come check him out! Book your appointment online at www.hairandcobklyn.com.