We’re Partnering With Green Circle Salons

The Hair & Co BKLYN crew is very excited to announce that we’re joining forces with Green Circle Salons, in its salon recycling program that we’re doing at both of our Brooklyn hair salons in Clinton Hill and Prospect Heights.


With tens of thousands of pounds worth of hair clippings, hair color, foil, waste paper, color Green Circle Salonstubes, salon bottles and other paper and plastic items being tossed out at salons across North America every single day, it’s time that salons step up and do what’s right! As a newly certified Green Circle Salon, we’re very proud to announce that Hair & Co BKLYN is now a part of a comprehensive recycling and sustainability program that sets out to significantly reduce our industry’s environmental impact on the planet.


Our Brooklyn Hair Salons Are Taking a Stand!


From the sourcing of ingredients to the disposal of products and packaging, the salon and beauty industry has long posed many challenges to the environment. With this in mind, we’ve decided to join forces with Green Circle to take a stand for our planet and work together to reduce our ecological footprint, while making our industry more sustainable.


Through our partnership with Green Circle Salons, we will be redirecting what was once considered garbage out of our water streams and landfills to be re-purposed into innovative green solutions. Now, all those hair clippings, foils, papers and plastics, and color tubes from our hair salons in Brooklyn will be collected by Green Circle Salons to effectively cut down on our salons’ total waste by an incredible 85 to 95 percent!


Our participation in this great recycling program allows us to give our salon clients a genuinely more responsible and greener choice when it comes to looking and feeling beautiful. As a member of the Green Circle Salons network, Hair & Co BKLYN is empowering our clients with the ability to make a positive change by visiting our salons.


About Green Circle Salons

Green Circle Salons (GCS) is a movement created to help the salon industry reduce its environmental footprint and provide options for consumers seeking genuine green options in salon care. Since its inception in 2009, GCS has been steadily building a network of certified salons and providing them with a comprehensive pathway to green solutions including recycling, and the re-purposing of hair for the manufacturing of oil spill booms (in partnership with BC Corrections and the Alouette Correctional Centre for Women), emergency bedding (used in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake), and other ongoing sustainable research applications. To learn more about GCS, please visit its official website here.


Contact Hair & Co BKLYN Today!

We’re honored and super excited to be a part of the GCS movement! If you have any questions about our partnership with Green Circle Salons, please get in touch with us as we’re always happy to speak with you! Now, whenever you visit us in Prospect Heights or Clinton Hill for any of our hair services, you’re given the assurance of knowing that we’re doing our part to help reduce our ecological footprint and environment impact on this planet we call home!