Summer Hair Trends

At Hair & Co BKLYN, we take time to understand our clients’ individuality in order to craft a hairstyle that’s truly perfect for them. But as with all things, the “perfect” hairstyle changes with the times and with the season. We’ve been keeping a close watch on recent hair trends so you don’t have to. Keep reading below to learn about our recommendations for the top summer hair trends in 2019.

Blunt Bobs Are Back

The bob is among the most dangerous of double-edged swords in the whole pantheon of hairstyles. Done well, it can be one of the most flattering, fun-loving, and playful looks out there, but when it doesn’t work, it really… really doesn’t work. Well, sharpen your swords, ladies: bobs are in for summer 2019. In particular, we’re seeing blunt bobs as popular as opposed to layered bobs, with less extension out to the sides and a straighter cutoff on the bottom. Bobs are great because they can be tweaked to work with nearly any face shape and most hair types. Just make sure you head to a stylist that knows what they’re doing!

Messy Buns & Top-Knots

Buns are loved all over for their ability to turn 3-day-old, just-rolled-out-of-bed hair into something presentable in most situations, and we can expect them to have a strong presence this summer. But as anyone who’s tried it knows, a messy bun is anything but easy to pull off, as it takes a subtle technique to achieve the no-effort look. Don’t worry, though – come in for a hair cut & style and our hair stylists will show you the perfect technique to get that perfectly imperfect look every time.


Straight hair is in right now, and we’re seeing the trend head to even deeper extremes with glossy hair. Perfectly straight, glossy, “glass finish” hair is going to be big in summer 2019, humidity be damned. The best way to achieve this look is by getting a keratin treatment, and finding the right hair serum is also a big help. We’ve got you covered on both.

Book a Haircut with Your Brooklyn Hair Salon

These are some of the bigger trends we expect to see in hair this summer, but as always, there’s no limit to the possibilities of style. Whether you want to get yourself ready for summer by trying on one of these new styles or want to try something completely different, our expert hair stylists will help you find the perfect look. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment online for a haircut or styling service today!