The Perfect Rainbow Hair 2016

Rainbow Hair Color - Hair & Co BKLYN Brooklyn
Rainbow colored hair is sweeping social media and filling our feeds with a wide spectrum of pastel-hued locks that are very attention grabbing to say the least. This bright and bold hair color trend is not going away anytime soon as rainbow hair is very much in both among celebs and everyday folks alike and it’s a chic & funky way to have some fun with your hair!

Rainbow hair celebrates a unique spirit of self-expression and there are many variations to try. Regardless if you want a full-fledged My Little Pony look or are more color-shy, you can rock rainbow hair! Getting the perfect rainbow hair is a commitment and involves taking the platinum plunge, which means you’ll need to bleach your hair first. And while there are DIY sites that tell you how to do your own rainbow hair, it’s best that this hair adventure be done by an experienced colorist so you don’t end up with a big mess that may be costly to fix.


Oil Slick – Rainbow Hair for Brunettes

If you’re a brunette who doesn’t want to power Oil Slick Brunette Hair Color - Hair & Co BKLYN Brooklynbleach your locks in order to get rainbow hair, the Oil Slick technique may be for you. While Oil Slick does require bleach, it is most definitely a less aggressive way to achieve your desired look! This color technique makes darker hair iridescent. In order to accomplish your new look with this color-transforming method, artists apply a mix of dark blue, green and purple tones for a darker spectrum of colors, which are all, incorporated together.


Peekaboo Rainbow Hair

Peekaboo rainbow hair is perfect for those who are a bit color-shy but who still want to experiment with rainbow hair. When you have peekaboo rainbow hair, nobody will know you have multi-colored locks until you either run your fingers through your hair or wear your hair up. Peekaboo rainbow hair is perfect for work or school where brightly colored hair maybe frowned upon or even forbidden.


Silver Gray Hair

Silver/Gray Hair

One particular hair trend that is taking social media by storm is the silver/gray hair color. This look, coined as the Granny Hair Style, is an edgy look challenging the notion that only the youthful are beautiful.


Opalescent Hair

Opalecent Hair Color - Hair & Co BKLYN Brooklyn

Opalescent hair is a great twist on rainbow hair that features a magical blend of whimsical pastels, which is reminiscent of a shimmering opal gemstone. This hair color looks just as good on long hair as it does short and regardless of how much color you decide to go with, you’re going to turn heads when you’re rocking opalescent hair.


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