The Art of Hand Tied Hair Extensions

The Art of Hand Tied Hair ExtensionsWe all know that one person who has perfect hair. Long, thick, full of body and volume—they never seem to have a bad hair day. If you’ve ever wished you could have lustrous locks of your own, hand-tied hair extensions can provide you with this look. Even those with thin, fine hair can achieve the gorgeous locks they desire with extensions. Keep reading to find out more.

How Do They Work?

Your stylist will first use beads to create rows across your head with your natural hair. Then, pre-cut sections of hair called wefts are sewn by hand onto the rows. Depending on your desired look and the state of your natural hair, you may have several extensions installed, with about 3-4 wefts of hair contained on each row. The wefts are thin and lay flat against your scalp, providing a non-bulky appearance.

How Are Hand Tied Extensions Different?

Hand-tied hair extensions are unlike traditional extensions in several ways. Firstly, their end result look is more natural than other methods due to the thin, discreet wefts that lay flat against the scalp. The 100% human hair can be washed, styled, or dyed normally. In addition, hand-tied hair extensions can offer a more full look, as the wefts can be stacked on top of each other to provide more volume. Other methods do not allow this stacking and therefore fullness can be somewhat limited.

Hand-tied extensions allow for more hairstyles than traditional extensions, more specifically wearing your hair up in a bun or ponytail. This advantage is due to the concealed appearance of the extensions. Other methods don’t offer this option, so clients are typically only able to wear their hair down. Some clients experience issues with a sensitive scalp, and glue or adhesives from traditional extensions can cause irritation. In these cases, hand-tied extensions may be the better option.

The Benefits Of Hand Tied Hair Extensions

If you’re wanting to achieve beautiful hair quickly, hand-tied hair extensions offer incredible benefits, including:

  • Amazing results—beautiful volume and length
  • An incredibly natural look
  • No bulk, lay flat against your head
  • No need for heat, glue or adhesives
  • Better blending with natural hair
  • Least damaging of all extension methods
  • Helps maintain the integrity of your natural hair
  • Comfortable and effortless to wear

The Best Way to Get A Natural Look

Hand-tied hair extensions are popular with many popular influencers and celebrities today. To achieve the naturally long and thick hairstyle that is trendy among many The Bachelor contestants, hand-tied hair extensions offer the perfect solution. Bachelor women who have worn extensions include Joelle Fletcher, Becca Tilley, Tia Booth, Corinne Olympios, Amanda Stanton, and others. Supermodels such as Naomi Campbell also have worn this method of extensions.

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